Food storage.

More and more often we make informed and good decisions while shopping and we are choosing fresh, natural products of…

28 February 2017 / No Comments

What is so special about turmeric? Shot for better digestion

What’s so special about turmeric? The active substance responsible for the orange color is curcumin. It works primarily anti-inflammatory, it…

27 February 2017 / No Comments

Roasted chicken served with pumpkin & beetroot salad.

We didn’t have recipe for chicken here for a while, so it’s time to catch up ;). Remember that in…

24 February 2017 / No Comments

Vampires. Beware!

The development of the Internet allows for the free flow of messages between people and finally we have access to…

23 February 2017 / No Comments

Quite unusual donuts :)

Tomorrow it’s Fat Thursday and for many this day will not pass without a donuts 😉 I always try to…

22 February 2017 / No Comments

Egg soup on a broth with mushrooms

We have this time of the year when we are catching colds. Do not let it catch you, take care…

21 February 2017 / No Comments

Vitamins and minerals while pregnant!

Nutrients like vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of a new life! The energy demand of a pregnant woman…

20 February 2017 / No Comments

Millet cereal with fruits

I like to overwhelm you a variety of healthy suggestions for breakfast. Once the proposals are protein-fat, other times it’s…

19 February 2017 / No Comments

Microwave – healthy or unhealthy?

Between work, household duties and … further charms of everyday life often  little time is left for proper and healthy…

18 February 2017 / No Comments

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