Roasted chicken served with pumpkin & beetroot salad.

We didn’t have recipe for chicken here for a while, so it’s time to catch up ;). Remember that in…

24 February 2017 / No Comments

Gluten free spaghetti with vegetables and green pesto

Often you ask to what I add spirulina or chlorella because you do not have idea how to use it….

22 January 2017 / No Comments

Cod Ceviche

Ceviche is a healthy way to prepare raw fish. It involves marinating the fish in lemon juice with the addition…

13 January 2017 / No Comments

Skewers with Spinach Lio Shake

It is true that due to the weather, the barbecue season outside is already over, but if we have a…

27 October 2016 / No Comments

Vegetable casserole

  Finally Im back home after a hectic September  🙂 I missed my home, healthy dinners and new culinary ideas!…

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Red rice risotto with chanterelles and pumpkin

On the Polish market, you can buy several types of rice. Each of them has “something” else to offer. Personally,…

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Quiche with Pumpkin puree and sesame

Quiche, Quiche, worth a sin! You have no idea what to cook  today ? Don’t worry – it happens to…

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Beet-meat patties

If somebody asked me what vegetable I am, I’d say, without hesitation, that I’m a beet. 😉 I love beets…

3 July 2016 / No Comments

sirloin steak recipe

I wrote some time ago that I’m going back to eating meat. It turned out that my body of an…

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