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Beetroot Consomme

Are bored of the traditional broth? I suggest a small modification that will add to it not only the unique…

29 January 2017 / No Comments

Tomato cream soup with a hint of roasted chestnuts

I have a few culinary favorites, without which I cant imagine autumn season. One of them are edible chestnuts. I…

9 January 2017 / No Comments

Krupnik – winter soup

Who does not know the krupnik soup? 🙂 It is worth to prepare it, especially during winter time. This is…

3 January 2017 / No Comments

The easiest pumpkin soup with broth!

Fast pumpkin 🙂 Are we still using the pumpkin recipes? 🙂 As always, Im trying to choose products available during…

16 November 2016 / No Comments

Sun on a plate! pumpkin and peach soup

  Today we have a variation of vegetable and fruit 🙂 I give my word that soup is delicious  🙂…

6 November 2016 / No Comments

A christmas eve mushroom soup with coconut milk and pumpkin

There is less than a week left until Christmas. That’s why I try to inspire you everyday with the recipes…

18 December 2015 / No Comments