Scrambled eggs with carrot and kale

Today’s protein-fat breakfast and the main role is scrambled eggs –  colorful 🙂 Scrambled eggs are always a good solution…

24 July 2017 / No Comments

Chocolate porridge with forest fruits

For a long time we didnt have the recipe for an oatmeal 🙂 I’m catching up because I know you…

6 July 2017 / No Comments

Baked strawberry with sesame and rice

Long awaited by many people … our Polish delicious strawberries have already made it to the market 🙂 Strawberries are…

8 June 2017 / No Comments

Breakfast with protein-fat for vegans – tofu with spirulina

You often ask for a suggestion for protein-fat breakfast for vegans. I personally recommend adding spirulina. But if you do…

5 June 2017 / No Comments

Fast and easy pancakes with banana and oats- for small and large children;)

Quick and easy breakfast pancakes, to which you only need a few ingredients. I added bananas  because of many healthy…

1 June 2017 / No Comments

Collagen aspic with chicken and egg

Today will be nice … 🙂 – because for a pretty complexion. I wrote about collagen yesterday (HERE). Be sure to…

21 April 2017 / No Comments

Stuffed green eggs

Stuffed eggs are usualy on more than one Easter table. What is our favourite filling? My proposal for the stuffing…

10 April 2017 / No Comments

Beef tartare. Protein and fat breakfast.

  Often you are asking how it is with these breakfasts? Research confirms that breakfast prevents overeating during the day….

4 March 2017 / No Comments