Steamed halibut with vegetables

You are asking me for an easy, quick to make, but nutritious and healthy recipes for the summer. Today, very…

15 July 2017 / No Comments

Spaghetti with asparagus and coconut :)

You dont have an idea for dinner after workout? You are tired of carbohydrate meals in the form of rice?…

29 June 2017 / No Comments

Roasted chicken with root vegetables!

 Sometimes we have no idea what to prepare for lunch or dinner. Sometimes, however, we do not have time. The…

13 June 2017 / No Comments

Poultry cakes with Lio Shake

For a long time I didnt post any recipe with turkey;) If you do not have or like turkey you…

17 May 2017 / No Comments

Gołabki – Light steamed ”doves”

  So today I have a cravings for gołąbki today, it is a very traditional polish dish. Gołąbki means doves,…

1 May 2017 / No Comments

Beef meatballs from the oven

Not enough ideas for beef? 🙂 So today, for dinner we will have minced beef in a form of meatballs….

28 March 2017 / No Comments

Roasted chicken served with pumpkin & beetroot salad.

We didn’t have recipe for chicken here for a while, so it’s time to catch up ;). Remember that in…

24 February 2017 / No Comments

Salmon meatballs with vegetable spaghetti

Winter does not have to be boring on the plate 🙂 On cloudy days, serve your family a colorful dish…

4 February 2017 / No Comments

Gluten free spaghetti with vegetables and green pesto

Often you ask to what I add spirulina or chlorella because you do not have idea how to use it….

22 January 2017 / No Comments