Skewers with beef and chicken

Skewers can be made literally out of everything we have in the fridge 🙂 Today it’s meat and vegetable version,…

4 July 2017 / No Comments

Quinoa with spring roasted vegetables

The spring is in the air 🙂 I love the time when everything wakes up, and the outdoors is green….

16 June 2017 / No Comments

Vegetable burger with egg

Vegetable Burger? Why not 🙂 With the use of millet everything is possible. Millet  is easy to digest so it…

27 May 2017 / No Comments

”GOOD MORNING” cocktail – Never give up

  I come with the help of “GOOD MORNING” tonic – will certainly be useful to some of you! How…

1 January 2017 / No Comments

Chicken aspic

Often we dont have the idea what to do with leftover chicken from our power broth. How much of chicken…

14 November 2016 / No Comments

Chicken roulades without cheese! YUMMY!

Im often adding cheese to meat roulades, as you know I am not a big fan of it , so…

24 September 2016 / No Comments

Summer cocktails

Recently, I wrote about why drinking enough fluids and providing the body with refreshment during hot summer days is so important….

16 July 2016 / No Comments


Feeling like having a fish? No problem! But there’s one conditio – it’s gotta be salmon. It’s my favourite 🙂…

18 April 2016 / No Comments


  Tuna is a controversial product. There’s heated discussion around it, concerning whether or not it contains mercury. Indeed, as…

8 March 2016 / No Comments