Easter Wishes

Easter:)   Like during every holiday I appreciate the magical atmosphere and family time. Spring aura additionally adds energy, smiles…

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“Salad by Anna Lewandowska” at the Sketch Restaurant in Teatr Wielki in Warsaw

From now on the menu at one of Warsaw’s restaurant you can find  “Salad by Anna Lewandowska,” in which you…

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Move! part 3 – september

September is the perfect month to plan your time until the next holiday . Yes , I know – most…

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Move! Part 2- basics

  I have written about hypokinesis already . Immobility is as dangerous as debilitating addictions! That is why today I…

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Photo: Marta Wojtal   We are still enjoying the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, we root for our players….

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The camps, which I organize are not just about training and proper nutrition. I try to give the participants insights…

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Not all among us believe in their potential, skills, and the power of their intellect. By depreciating our own worth,…

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The vacation was quite short, but will certainly remain memorable. Wonderful and charming places, friendly and ever-smiling locals, and tourists…

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vacation, time off, rest

photos: Marta Wojtal (from the book, Zdrowe gotowanie by Ann, Eng., “Healthy Cooking by Ann.”   I hope that you will…

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