Spring salad with avocado and green beans

A healthy way to have a quick and valuable snack is a familiar and well-liked salad. If you do not…

28 April 2017 / No Comments

Brussels sprouts – who likes it? how should eat it? Salad with Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts – who likes it? For a long time i didnt eat brussels sprouts,  only because of the food…

9 February 2017 / No Comments

Especially for pregnant women. Salad with amaranth,beetroot and walnuts

Dear Mum’s ! Your / our health is very important 🙂 So from time to time i add recipes, which…

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A simple salad – Pumpkin with beetroot and caramelised walnuts

Often we invent  dishes that are most welcome once in a while 🙂 However, the basic products also can be…

8 November 2016 / No Comments

Thai Salad

  Astronomical summer is still on! Thats why we can still have joyful and colorful plates! Let’s keep it for…

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broad bean salad

You’ll have to hurry if you want to enjoy broad beans, because they soon will disappear :). My family has…

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Thai Vacation mango salad with almond dressing

On hot summer days, you really, really don’t feel like standing and cooking in the kitchen. Well, but you have…

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Come on! Let’s grate – carrot, because it’s early spring 🙂 Grated carrot with apple – it’s a childhood memory….

7 April 2016 / No Comments


It’s still just the beginning of spring, but nothing is impossible to a willing mind. It’s not difficult to prepare…

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