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Isotonic drinks!

Athletes are well aware that during intense exercise apart from water they also lose valuable minerals and carbohydrates. This makes…

15 May 2017 / No Comments

Nutrition of small athletes

   Child nutrition is very important and affects their whole live.   The epidemic of childhood obesity is starting now…

11 May 2017 / No Comments

Healthy diet rules during pregnancy

  I’ve already written about how important  a proper diet during pregnancy is. First of all, be aware that it…

30 April 2017 / No Comments

Xylitol and its pro-health effect

  Not without reason it is said that white sugar is death. The available sugar is refined or heavily washed …

6 April 2017 / No Comments

Sweet cravings

Sweet cravings I often watch, especially in women, eating sweets between meals. Explanataion is usually similar: “I have to eat…

27 March 2017 / No Comments

Food Intolerance – hidden allergies

It happens that a person suffering from obesity switches to a healthy lifestyle and there are no effects. It happens…

23 March 2017 / No Comments

Morning ”bloody” detox :)

Recently I devoted a few words to liver and health troubles which can lead to over-burdening of this important organ….

How to compose meals?

We don’t realize that proper digestion is a prerequisite for good health. This process provides the energy, regenerates tissue and…

12 March 2017 / No Comments

What is so special about turmeric? Shot for better digestion

What’s so special about turmeric? The active substance responsible for the orange color is curcumin. It works primarily anti-inflammatory, it…

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