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Chia seeds nutrition facts. How to eat it?

We had a lot of chia variations :), but why not to enlarge you menu even more. This time easy…

5 March 2017 / No Comments

Beef tartare. Protein and fat breakfast.

  Often you are asking how it is with these breakfasts? Research confirms that breakfast prevents overeating during the day….

4 March 2017 / No Comments

Millet cereal with fruits

I like to overwhelm you a variety of healthy suggestions for breakfast. Once the proposals are protein-fat, other times it’s…

19 February 2017 / No Comments

Buckwheat cakes

You are tired of the traditional buckwheat? Use it to create a delicious cakes with fruit topping. Buckwheat is easily…

2 February 2017 / No Comments

Cod Ceviche

Ceviche is a healthy way to prepare raw fish. It involves marinating the fish in lemon juice with the addition…

13 January 2017 / No Comments

Amaranth porridge with fruit

  Idea for breakfast for pregnant women? I have a lot of questions from women in this beautiful period of…

11 January 2017 / No Comments

Chicken aspic

Often we dont have the idea what to do with leftover chicken from our power broth. How much of chicken…

14 November 2016 / No Comments

Tofu with bacon

Today I will serve, unusual combination of bacon and tofu. I will add some tahini paste and curry. Do you…

10 November 2016 / No Comments