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Krupnik – winter soup

Who does not know the krupnik soup? 🙂 It is worth to prepare it, especially during winter time. This is one…

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Traditional ”Kutia” with millet

Kutia is one of the most popular Christmas dishes. It is a sweet dish, which is a mixture of poppy and wheat,…

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Baked vegetable cakes

Today  we have wonders on our table 🙂 Very easy  and no time absorbing recipe,  ideal for All 🙂 You can prepare…

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How to run to lose weight?

Zdj. Marta Wojtal What are the best exercises to burn your fat? – karate cardio – fitness – strenght training –…

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Thai Salad

  Astronomical summer is still on! Thats why we can still have joyful and colorful plates! Let’s keep it for as…

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Low calorie rice

Many people decided to go on a low carbohydrate diet, they feel better or its  easier for them to lose extra kilograms ….

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Cream of Beet and Currant Soup – A Source of Folic Acid

Beets are alkaline-forming vegetables that help regulate the digestive system and remove toxins from the body. Apart from that, they…

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Coconut-vanilla balls of power

We do like balls of power, right? 🙂 This is the kind of a healthy, sweet peccadillo we can treat ourselves to, especially…

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Picture by: Marta Wojtal   Here it is! This is the cover of my cookbook. It contains more than 170 healthy…

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