Theory – how to prepare healthy and tasty STEAK!

Today I have for you some tips on how to prepare a good steak. Keeping these few important rules in mind you will see that it is not that difficult

What to remember

  • Meat can not be cold! Be sure to remove in from the fridge, so it will have a room temperature,
  • For frying a steak necessarily use clarified butter (ghee) – has a higher smoke temperature,
  • Frying pan must be well heated (steaks should be fried at about 150 ° C)
  • Do not puncture the steak! The meat should maintain its juiciness and puncturing the meat will bring the juices to the surface and the meat will become dry.
  • How long to fry the meat? To get the steak well done, for each 1 centimeter of thickness , fry for 1 minute on each side. See trick with a hand that is reliable 🙂
  • When to add the salt? There are two schools, some sprinkle with salt before frying on the side which will be fried , others say that salt should be added after frying
  • The steak needs to rest after frying! If you will cut  it immediately after removing from the pan all the juices will rise to the surface, let it rest a few minutes – will be much tastier.

A similar proposal of the steak you can find in Diet by Ann. It will be waiting for you at level 3: Warrior Challenge.

For the record, just a reminder on the levels of this distinguishing diet:

  • Completely eliminate dairy products, assure you have the other sources of protein and calcium
  • Maintain a gluten-free diet
  • Eliminate the legumes due to the pro-inflammatory lectins
  • Stick to the separate diet, so you will keep the “lightness in your stomach”

Remember! If you have no need to exclude any components from the diet, or want to slowly begin the process of changing habits on the road to health start with ” Dobry Start” (level 1).

Check out page for more information Diet by Ann

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