Fight stress

Do you dream? It’s great. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be in a few decades? When you will…

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ACTION = SATISFACTION It terrifying  to read the results of the WHO on obesity in Poland and in the world….

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Christmas is a time to relax, but it also the time for a festive plate. Probably you will let go…

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Don’t fool yourself!

Another dose of motivation so that you wont forget about your goals! I’m here to support you! I am with always…

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III steps: acceptance, development and goals!

Smiling from morning! I’ve spent last few days looking for inspiration – this time in London – because my head…

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1st of November

World constantly runs forward and so are the hours, days, years … This special time of the year is coming…

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Autumn excuses – how to fight it

No to Autumn excuses! 🙂 Its gray and gloomy outside the window of gray. Winter is coming.This is the time…

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Dont judge!

Motto for today:  Do not judge others and replace bad thoughts with positive ones!  I have noticed that increasingly there…

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“Salad by Anna Lewandowska” at the Sketch Restaurant in Teatr Wielki in Warsaw

From now on the menu at one of Warsaw’s restaurant you can find  “Salad by Anna Lewandowska,” in which you…

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