You already know me a little bit and you know that I like an active lifestyle, increased heart rate and…

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Physical activity during pregnancy

I encourage all future mums to  have an active lifestyle. While respecting the basic principle the risk for pregnancy is…

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Importance of folic acid

Folic acid (vitamin B9, folacin, folate), is an essential component for any women attempting to conceive, and being already pregnant….

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RUN! How? Where? Which shoes?

You run often, you love this activity and the euphoria after the workout, but you get the feeling that despite…

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Training with weights – strong arms!

Stand with your feet aligned with the width of the hips, keep your back straight. Take a dumbbell adapted to…

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Caffeine during pregnancy

Caffeine during pregnancy Let’s tart with a few sentences about the caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and a diuretic. It is…

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6 advantages of exercises with roller. Training at home!

Exercises with roller. We will start with a few words about what roller is. It is a special roller  made out…

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Stretching. What to remember to have a good stretch ?

Stretching Often neglected , but nevertheless an important individual training or training as part of the main training . Dont…

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How to run to lose weight?

Zdj. Marta Wojtal What are the best exercises to burn your fat? – karate cardio – fitness – strenght training…

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